March 23, 2017

St. Christopher’s sponsors Clean Break

Written by Alex Thompson

St. Christopher’s is a proud sponsor of Clean Break, a sober spring break vacation opportunity for students in recovery. This year, 86 students participated in the trip to Miramar Beach, Florida, 27 of which are Rams in Recovery from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Watching these students embrace their recovery and live fulfilling lives reminds us why we are active sponsors of Clean Break, VCU conferences, collegiate recovery conferences and collegiate recovery communities nationwide. We are so grateful to Asher Levine, founder of Clean Break, and for the opportunity to support these young men and women!

Please read this Clean Break recap submitted by Tom Bannard, Administrative Director of COBE at VCU:

I know it sounds like a Headline from The Onion, but that about sums up our first Recovery Spring Break. “Clean Break,” which is sponsored by several treatment centers and recovery programs, takes place in Miramar Beach, Florida, and gathers students in recovery from the southeast for a week of fun and relaxation in a recovery-friendly setting. Students attended recovery meetings everyday while participating in activities such as deep-sea fishing, sailing, a swamp tour, glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee, a talent show and cookouts.

20 pounds of pancake mix, 15 Dozen Eggs, 15 gallons of milk, 35 loaves of bread, 80 lbs of meat, 20 lbs of pasta, 10 pounds of coffee, a few sunburns and one noise complaint later, we returned to Richmond a little tired and a lot closer as a community. Picking a highlight from the week would be hard, but one that stands out to me was our swamp adventure. We met Captain Andy at a recovery meeting and he invited a group of us to go on a swamp tour in his boat. After the beautiful tour of Florida’s swamp, which included gators, water moccasins and beautiful birds, our boat broke down. With nothing but time while we waited for a tow, we all sat down and had a recovery meeting on the water in order to comfort one of the students who was having a little anxiety about our predicament. Soon the towboat came, we witnessed a beautiful sunset, saw a dolphin and got home in time for dinner. It was an experience our students will never forget.

Major thank you to The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Asher Levine, Life of Purpose, St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center, Red Oak Recovery, Newport Academy and everyone else who made the trip a reality!

With Gratitude,