September 20, 2016

Recovery First Tailgaters: Upcoming Events

Written by Erik Thompson

Hello sober tailgaters! We are excited to announce the 2016 RFT schedule. Please follow our Recovery First Tailgaters’ Facebook page for updates and recaps regarding our events.

Date City Event Time Location
9/25/16 Auburn, AL LSU @ Auburn 12 p.m.- Kickoff TBD
10/1/16 Baton Rouge, LA LSU vs. Missouri TBD Lot 407
10/22/16 Baton Rouge, LA LSU vs. Ole Miss TBD Lot 407
11/5/16 Baton Rouge, LA LSU vs. Alabama TBD Lot 407
11/12/16 San Antonio, TX Notre Dame vs. Army 10:30 a.m.- Kickoff Lot B