Programs & Services

After a comprehensive assessment, our treatment team will recommend one or more treatment tracks specific to each patient.

These Tracks include:

  1. Young Adult Track: A specific track for college age and early adult males who are struggling with addiction or mental health issues. This long term recovery program has proven to be successful launching young adults into healthy adulthood.
  2. Men’s Healthy Living Track: Utilizing programs and tools that are successful for men from varying backgrounds, this track initiates the recovery process for men of all ages and inspires them to reach new goals and milestones that many never thought possible.
  3. Professional Track: This population often requires an extensive phase of assessment and treatment with the goal of returning to professional careers. We are able to work with different employers to ensure that objectives and goals are clearly defined. However, we work with the patient to ensure comprehensive and confidential treatment is provided.
  4. Sex Addiction Track: This much needed track includes specific research-driven programming that serves the needs of patients who struggle with intimacy and relationship issues and sexual compulsions.
  5. Trauma Track: Using proven methods to uncover existing and underlying trauma issues, this track addresses the core needs of patients and begins the process of healing and recovery.