Programs & Services

St. Christopher's programming and groups include a multi-modality approach. A true blend of 12-Step process, psycho-dynamic, psychoanalytic, psycho-educational, and experiential components.

♦12-Step Work and Process Groups  ♦Interpersonal Process Groups  ♦Shame Reduction  ♦DBT Skills  ♦CBT  ♦Men’s Issues  ♦Acceptance and Commitment Skills  ♦Trauma Discovery and Recovery  ♦Self-Compassion  ♦Experiential Therapies (Music, Art, Movement)  ♦Anger Management  ♦Relationships and Boundaries Training  ♦Sex Addiction and Intimacy Disorders  ♦Spirituality and Reflection  ♦Bio-Feedback  ♦Creating Hope  ♦Implementing Change  ♦Living Well