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Recovery Home

St. Christopher’s Recovery Home program is the phase of treatment where patients reintegrate with employment, school, or volunteer work while continuing to progress through the program’s therapeutic structure. Patients can enter Recovery Home from Extended Care or another facility.

Evidence proves that long-term recovery increases dramatically with longer engagement in a positive treatment community.

The stressors presented in employment, school, and volunteer work create opportunities for our patients to utilize the process recovery teaches.  Recovery Home is a four phase process where we emphasize life skills and support our patients as they integrate the tools of recovery.  Patients in Recovery Home continue to work with our team of addiction, mental health, and trauma experts.  They engage in individual sessions, group processes, 12-Step meetings, recreational activities, and are eligible to participate one of our specialized tracks (Sex Addiction, Young Adult, Trauma, Men’s Healthy Living, or Professional). 

The brotherhood of St. Christopher’s dates back to 1986 and our alumni of 30 years continue to engage and support our patients committed to recovery.  

We have living environments that support young adult, adult, and older adult patients seeking these services.  

To learn more about St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center contact our admissions office at 877-782-4747 and visit our Staff Page to meet the St. Christopher’s Team.