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Family Program

St. Christopher’s is committed to working closely with family members throughout the course of treatment and in all levels of care. Chemical dependency is a family illness frequently forcing family members into unhealthy roles. Sometimes, although we care, our behavior can hinder the process for the addicted person. Addiction is devastating for a family. Actively participating in the recovery process through healthy visitation, education, and counseling can empower the family with a new way to support the addict in treatment and in recovery.

Upon entering our program, each patient attends a family orientation session to outline goals and expectations of the family program. We provide educational groups with lectures or videos on topics related to addiction on an ongoing basis and group family therapy on a weekly basis.

For all our patients, St. Christopher’s provides a 4-day intensive family program that has been an integral part of the success of our patients. It is an experience strongly encouraged for immediate family members and spouses/significant others. Patients and families alike can experience profound breakthroughs during this part of the program. There are careful guidelines in place regarding children’s participation in the family program, and we appreciate it if you contact the primary counselor for more information.

Patients also work through family issues with their primary therapist in individual sessions. Topics typically include setting healthy expectations, boundaries, and limits, exploring areas of concern, and resolving any identified family issues. Discussions are based on each person focusing on their own recovery and creating plans for continued healing following treatment completion.

For our out-of-state families, our staff can assist you in making arrangements for educational and therapy sessions in your area with local providers.

Al-Anon is a global support group for family members and loved ones of people struggling with addiction. St. Christopher’s requires that each family member attend a minimum of two Al-Anon meetings before attending the family sessions. This gives the family a better understanding of the issues related to addiction and some insight into what we will deal with in our Family Program. You can find local meetings at

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