Programs & Services

Extended Care

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center provides an extended care program as an continuation of Residential Treatment. Patients can enter our Extended Phase program directly from our Primary Residential Treatment Center or from another facility.

Evidence proves that long-term recovery increases dramatically with longer engagement in a positive treatment community.

In Extended Care we continue to focus on stabilization—clearing and rejuvenating the mind and body. Utilizing the success plan created for each individual patient in Residential Treatment, we begin the process of teaching our patients how to make better choices and give them tools to support them in their new lives. Our patients are encouraged to dive deeper into their personal work related to addiction, co-occurring disorders, families, and trauma.

Patients in our Extended Phase participate in a full schedule which includes multiple group modalities, individual and family counseling, 12-Step processes, with the support of a healthy peer network. We integrate relapse prevention education, teaching our patients to recognize warning signs and triggers and how to manage tough situations.

For more information call us at 877-782-4747 and visit our Staff Page to meet the St. Christopher’s Team.