Programs & Services


For our patients who successfully complete any program within the St. Christopher’s network, and remain in the Baton Rouge area, we provide one year of aftercare support at no cost.

Aftercare is an excellent way to stay connected to other alumni and is helpful in sustaining long term sobriety. Our aftercare patients remain involved with others in recovery, build support systems in the community, and create close bonds with people active in recovery programs. Aftercare includes weekly group sessions and case management services.

Aftercare group for our Intensive Outpatient Program graduates is also available on a weekly basis. You may attend this group (males and females) if you have completed a treatment program at an outside facility and if you are clinically appropriate for the group.

For patients who leave Baton Rouge upon completing treatment we can help you secure aftercare providers in your area.

For more information call us at 877-782-4747 and visit our Staff Page to meet the St. Christopher’s Team.