September 7, 2015

LSU vs McNeese Tailgating

Written by Alex Thompson

September 5th marked the beginning of the LSU football season… and so also the 1st tailgating event for the Recovery First Tailgaters (RTF).

The day began with Dwayne and his son, along with the help of friends, setting up the RFT site: the RV, Tents, Tables, Buffet Food & Drinks, and of course a games area.

A bright, albeit humid, day filled with lots of sunshine provided a great backdrop for RTF friends to drive, bike, or walk to our new site in lot 409 next to Alex Box Stadium. About 40 friends and family converged to do some tailgatin’. The textbook Louisiana-approved tailgaters buffet did not disappoint, which included jambalaya, meat pies, pulled pork sandwiches, two bread puddings, and a special Recovery First Tailgaters cake.

Now, South Louisiana weather, being what it is, also had a say-so in the days activities. A few rain squalls tried to cool things off… OK, maybe not so much, but it was worth the dream, yes? :-) But not much can put a damper on tailgaters when the friends are abundant, the conversation is good, and great food and cold drinks are plentiful.  Wonderfully, about 15 folks in recovery participated in an open 12-Step meeting – what a blessing.

Even though the game was cancelled – a first since WWII – it was a wonderful way to start off the LSU football season.

Now lets see… when is that next home game…