July 31, 2018

Guiding Families Through the Addiction Treatment Field

Written by Alex Thompson

We felt it was important to have a conversation about how difficult the treatment industry is to navigate. We’d like to address common concerns and help family members learn how to navigate it.

We want families to connect with ethical treatment centers and to help them identify the good, bad and ugly in the treatment industry. Families should know the difference between good and bad treatment facility.

There are a lot of people who have good intentions in this field who started out and maybe had misunderstandings about how things work or what to do. Maybe they are taking shortcuts or maybe not using the most up to date evidence-based treatment services. There are also people out there with bad intentions, to make money and shuffle patients in and out of their facilities. They are playing a dirty game and we want families to know what’s out there and what’s going on. That way, families can make better choices for their loved ones.

We are certainly not a perfect treatment provider, but everything we do, we do it ethically and in the best interest of the client. We always strive to do what we do better. We have been around for 20 years and have a great reputation as an ethical treatment provider.

It’s important to mention treatment programs that are attempting to do good work under ethical guidelines and maybe make mistakes because treatment centers are run by human beings. Versus what we also see which is unethical treatment or facilities advertising information that is outright false. There are unethical practices, illegal practices, and bad treatment that may not be unethical or illegal, just not good treatment. Ethical is a moral issue – is it right or wrong? Illegal against the law, like insurance fraud. Let’s open up that discussion and list the differences.

We want to continue this conversation and get into further detail in upcoming articles so that families can make informed decisions. Again, our hope is that families choose the best program for their loved ones based on their specific needs and high-quality treatment standards.