May 4, 2017

Connection and service at recovery conventions

Written by Alex Thompson

Twelve step conventions can be a powerful community experience that showcase the spirit and essence of recovery on a large scale. Having the ability to connect with hundreds of others in recovery, coming together to share the message and enjoy sobriety is a special experience for everyone involved. For many newcomers, conventions are a testament that we can recover and stay sober together.

The men of St. Christopher’s will be leaving today for Grand Isle, Louisiana for the 23rd Annual Serenity by the Sea Convention. Throughout the weekend, they will engage in service work, help prepare and serve food, set up meetings and lend a hand wherever they are needed. The convention provides a great opportunity for St. Christopher’s guys to form tighter bonds, expand their networks, strengthen their spirituality and fellowship with the recovery community.

Let’s not forget a really important piece in early recovery… finding connection through sober fun! In Grand Isle, our guys go deep sea fishing, play volleyball on the beach and have opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Coast.