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St. Christopher's Addiction Wellness Center on InterventionSt. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center offers hope and help to suffering alcoholics and drug addicts, as well as those with co-occurring disorders, seeking recovery.  We offer a variety of treatment services, a continuum of care, for males eighteen and older - and their families – as well as outpatient and referral services for women.

St. Christopher's Addiction Wellness CenterThe most unique quality about St. Christopher’s programs for males is this:  when one joins the other clients on this recovery journey, he joins the brotherhood. The bond formed between clients that participate in our treatment together – and the alumni who are actively involved as well – is magical.  A huge factor in one wanting to stay sober is the connection he makes with his peers.  Forming lasting friendships, having fun, being productive, learning how to live, feeling whole – these are things that promote the desire to maintain long-term sobriety.  We offer our clients the opportunity to achieve these gifts, if he is willing to surrender, trust the process and embrace recovery.  It’s a privilege and a choice…    


Mission Statement

STC Addiction Wellness Center is dedicated to implementing effective and affordable addiction wellness programs, helping our clients and their families to gently rediscover the best in themselves and their relationships, to achieve long-term sobriety.


Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, St. Christopher’s encompasses the culture of the South in its connection to friends, family and the beauty that surrounds us.  We exist in a thriving 12 Step community and are fortunate to be near LSU and Baton Rouge Community College, as well as in the heart of a healthy economy.  Our city welcomes St. Christopher’s clients with open arms, providing them with tremendous amounts of support and guidance in recovery. Education and employment are available to clients who reach later phases of treatment (Recovery Home portion of Extended Care), enabling them to utilize the life skills learned and become active members of Baton Rouge’s community.


St. Christopher's services include:


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